Our Premium Products

Uncoated Range


Boneless - Fillets

Grande Delta Pangasius Fillet is highly versatile and neutral in taste. The fish fillet can be customizable to well-trimmed, semi-trimmed or untrimmed according to demand.


Our premium Pangasius fillet is suitable for both a quick on-the-go meal or an elaborate dinner party solution

Bone-In-Steak & Portion Cuts

Grande Delta Pangasius Steak is easy to cook. the tender and meaty properties of our fish steak and portion cuts fits well in most cooking styles.


Coated Range


Breadcrumb Coated

Our range of breaded coatings provide superior coating adhesion properties, tantalizing visual appeal through colors and highlights. The breaded coatings also contains heat stable flavors with the timely release of heat in the mouth.


Choose from a selection of sensory provoking crispiness and crunchiness, enhanced by our customized breaders, breadcrumbs and creative coaters


Our breaded coatings are suitable for multiple product formats such as deep fry, oven bake or microwave.

Tempura Coated

Our tempura coating has a delightful melt-in-your-mouth crispy light texture and an alluring visual appeal.


The tempting offerings are formulated with excellent moisture barries to promote light and lasting crispiness. The low oil absorption is certainly a value-added property.


Our tempura coatings carry a twist of flavor that it gives consumers a wonderful taste sensation and lingering mouthfeel.